BAUER Nimr LLC receives second Oman Green Award

BAUER Nimr LLC, an Environmental service provider, specialized in clean-up of water and soil, accepted another prestigious award at the Oman Green Awards ceremony, which recently was held at the Intercontinental Hotel on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

After winning the “Green Innovation” award at the 2012 Oman Green Awards, this year the company was presented with an award in the category “Green Habitat” for the highly esteemed Nimr Water Treatment Plant. By now, the treatment plant receives 100.000m3 oil contaminated water from PDO’s oil fields a day, and treats it 100% naturally, by letting the water flow through a 360 hectare sized constructed wetland system. In this system, water is cleaned by microorganisms that live in the roots of reeds and algae. Once cleaned, the water can be used for irrigation, industrial purposes or can be left to evaporate in the sun, allowing the extraction of industrial salt.

The 720 hectare constructed wetland has now formed naturally into a green habitat: Soon after construction finished, local as well as migrant birds appeared. Fish were spotted in the water, foxes roam the area looking for prey and a large variety of small reptiles and insects, including colourful dragon flies, enjoy the new habitat. By now, more than 104 different species of birds have been seen on site, including European Roller, Marsh Warbler and Little Stints. Some found the conditions so favourable that they decided not to continue on their migration journey and stayed an entire season at the BAUER site, especially flamingos and cormorants. Many nests and chicks have been spotted as in the case of the black winged stilt and the Kentish plover.

The Nimr Water Treatment Plant is the largest of its kind worldwide and has been a great success, receiving several National, Regional and International Awards so far, including the Global Water Award 2011 by Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations.

As an Environmental Company, BAUER Nimr LLC is dedicated to further improve the wetland. Native trees are being planted by the company on site, giving shelter to small animals and adding diversity to the green habitat in the middle of the desert. Furthermore, workers are encouraged and supported in creating small gardens around their accommodation.


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